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Roofing Installer

Leesburg, OH

Help with the overall work performed on the roof.

Work Activities

  • Tearing off old roofing or related material.
  • Replacing any necessary roof decking or sheeting.
  • Installing all necessary roofing underlayments.
  • Installing all necessary trim, flashing, and components that go with any of our roofing systems.
  • Installing new pipes and vents
  • Other necessary miscellaneous projects that come up.
  • Trash clean up at the end of each day and at the end of each job.
  • Help with completing any necessary repairs.
  • Setting up safety equipment and ensuring it’s properly in place and used properly.

Social Skills

  • Willing to learn the DISC model of human behavior to help adapt and relate with others.


  • Help workers engaged in construction using hand tools or other equipment.
  • Responsible for keeping personal nail bag tools/materials properly stocked.


  • Having a positive, solution-minded mindset.
  • Be at the shop, clocked in, and ready to go at the specified time by your supervisor.
  • Working hours typically somewhere between 6:00 AM – 5 PM. will vary from day to day between this time. The goal is 9 hours per day.
  • Medium to heavy lifting
  • Be willing to climb on steep-pitched roofs using necessary safety equipment.
  • Following through on expectations set by the Crew Leader relating and communicating with the team
  • Be willing to wear a nail pouch with the necessary hand tools and materials.
  • Working together to provide efficiency
  • Attending all safety meetings and being able to fill out an incident report
  • Learning how to use all necessary tools to install roofing systems.
  • Attending training on the installation of the various systems RoofX provides
  • Learning how to make cuts for a professional appearance on all metal and shingle roofs.
  • If unable to attend safety and/or other meetings, you are responsible for providing written notice approved and signed by your leader.
  • Provide your own lunch daily unless the supervisor says otherwise.

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