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Metal vs. Shingle Roofs: Key Differences to Consider in 2024

May 29, 2023

Installing a new roof or replacing your current one is a big decision, and it’s essential to consider all the factors before making your choice. The most daunting decision is choosing the suitable material for your roof.

The difficulty is attributable to numerous roofing options, such as a metal vs shingle roof. However, understanding the difference between these roofing options can ease decision-making.

While metal roofs and asphalt shingle roofs offer the same essential purpose to keep the elements away from your home—they have many differences that can affect the longevity and cost of installation. For instance, the cost of materials, installation, and energy efficiency of each roof type is different.

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Metal vs. Shingle Roof: 8 Key Differences To Consider

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Metal roofing systems and asphalt shingles are the most popular types of roofs on the market. They both come with their own benefits and drawbacks, so before you choose one material over the other, it’s essential to understand their differences.

Here are eight key factors to compare metal vs. shingle roofs:

  1. Cost

Metal roof panels are more expensive than asphalt shingle roofs due to higher material costs and longer installation times. For instance, you require specialized tools and skills to install metal roofs, while you can install shingle roofing quicker and with minimal effort. However, it is essential to be careful through the installation process as a poorly installed roof can cause more problems in the long run.

  1. Durability

Metal roofs last twice as long as asphalt shingle roofs, making them the more durable and cost-effective option in the long run. Metal roofs can last 40 to 70 years, whereas an asphalt shingle roof can only last for 40 to 50 years. However, maintaining the roof regularly is essential to ensure it can survive its entire lifespan.

If you do not maintain any of the roofs through extreme weather, then it could cause them to deteriorate faster. For instance, if you do not clear out debris from your roof, you can experience numerous issues, such as moisture build-up, which can cause mould, fungus, and rot.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Metal roofing panels are highly energy efficient compared to asphalt shingles as they absorb less heat and reduce energy costs by reflecting heat away from the house. It means you can save significantly on your electricity bills, as metal roofing can keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter.

  1. Style Options

Although asphalt shingles are available in a few colors and textures, metal roofs offer more choices in terms of style. Metal panels come in various styles and finishes, including tin, zinc, aluminum, copper, and steel. You can also customize metal roofs with colors, which allow you to create the look that best compliments your home’s exterior.

The diversity in metal roofs can enable you to create a unique and aesthetically pleasing roof. On the other hand, as asphalt shingles provide few options in terms of style, it can limit the aesthetic appeal of your home.

  1. Weight
residential asphalt roof replacing metal

Metal roofs tend to be heavier than asphalt shingle roofs and require additional structural support, and an inspection ensures the house can support the extra weight. For instance, you need to install a solid sheathing underneath the metal panels, which can add to the cost and time of installation.

The weight can also affect the house’s foundation and cause it to settle over time. However, if you install a metal roof on a firm foundation, this issue can be avoided.

  1. Noise Reduction

Metal roofs come with noise-reduction capabilities, which can be beneficial if you live in a loud area. They can reduce the noise from outside, such as rain and hail, which can help create a peaceful environment inside the house. They have features such as insulation and sound-deadening materials that absorb the sounds.

A shingle roofing is not as effective in reducing sound. They also tend to be louder when it rains because of the lack of insulation. So, if you are looking for a roof capable of reducing the noise level in your home, a metal roof is the right choice.

  1. Maintenance

An asphalt roof can require regular maintenance, such as clearing debris and inspecting for damage. The maintenance can add to the cost as you can require a roofing contractor to scan for any problems and offer roof replacement where need be.

Metal roofs do not require as much care as they are built to last. They are rust, fire, and water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions without needing repairs or replacement. However, you should still inspect the roof regularly to ensure it can last its full lifespan.

  1. Environmental Impact

Metal roofing offers a more eco-friendly option than asphalt shingles as they are recyclable; you can reuse them at the end of their life. Metal roofs can also help reduce the carbon footprint as they are energy-efficient and have insulation which can reduce electricity costs.

Asphalt shingles are made of petroleum products, which can harm the environment. Recycling asphalt shingles can also be complicated and expensive because it requires specialized equipment such as an asphalt shingle grinder.

Metal Roof Vs. Asphalt Shingles: What To Consider

shingle and metal roofs in residential neighborhood

Metal roofing can provide more benefits than asphalt shingle roofs in terms of durability, energy efficiency, style options, and environmental friendliness. However, you should consider the additional cost and installation requirements of metal roofs before deciding. You can also check on the installation cost from a roofing contractor, as the two roof types will require different labour levels.

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Due to the importance of roofing, many people have questions about metal roofs and asphalt shingle roofs. Here are some of the common FAQs:

Is there a difference in cost for different metal roofing materials?

Yes, the cost of metal roofing materials can vary depending on the type and thickness of the material. For example, a stainless steel metal roof can cost $450 to $1250, while an aluminium option can cost $150 to $800.

Can I DIY a metal roof installation?

You can DIY a metal roof installation if you have the required skill and experience. However, getting help from roofing contractors is advisable as many factors come into play, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Ready to make an informed decision on your roof replacement? Reach out to us now and get our expert insights on the crucial differences between metal and shingle roofs.

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