4 Of The Most Popular Roof Shingle Colors In 2024
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4 of the Most Popular Roof Shingle Colors in 2024

February 27, 2023

Are you looking to upgrade your roof shingle colors in 2024? Whether you want a classic, modern, or contemporary look for your home, plenty of great options are available for your new roof. 

Get ready to tackle your next roofing project, and look into the top roof shingle colors for 2024.

How can you decide which roof color best suits your situation and wallet? This blog post will explore popular roof shingle colors of 2024, their benefits, and the features that make them stand out from the crowd. 

Most Popular Shingle Colors of 2024

Selecting the optimal roof shingle color can be an intimidating challenge. However, with the many selections available in 2024, you are sure to locate a color that will boost your residence’s visual appeal and provide advantages tailored to your personal preferences.


roof shingle colors getting grey shingles

Gray roof shingles are one of the most popular choices for homeowners in 2024. They offer a timeless, classic look that you can pair with any exterior color scheme to raise curb appeal. In addition, they’re perfect for houses with wood siding, as gray can match any shade of wood or paint.

Gray shingles offer robust defense from weather, which makes them an excellent pick for those in regions with harsh conditions. Plus, gray shingles are typically more cost-effective than other shades, a perfect choice for homeowners looking to save money.


Black roofing shingles have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to their bold aesthetic appeal and ability to make a statement on any home’s exterior design. 

Black is exceptionally well suited for modern homes or red brick houses, adding depth and contrast while maintaining a sleek look. Plus, black roofing shingles are highly durable and resistant to fading, so they will continue looking great even after years of exposure to the sun’s rays.


roof shingle colors getting brown shingles

Brown roof shingles are one of the top choices for asphalt shingles among homeowners in 2024 due to their versatility and ability to blend seamlessly into almost any home’s existing color palette or design style. 

Brown offers warm tones like tan or taupe and cooler shades such as chocolate brown or mahogany, which can help create visual interest on your home’s exterior without being too overpowering. 

Dark brown singles also tend to hold up better against inclement weather than lighter-colored materials like white or cream do, making it an ideal choice if you live in an area that experiences frequent rainstorms or snowfall throughout the year.


Blue roof shingles are becoming increasingly popular for homes with beige siding this year, thanks largely to the calming effect used on residential exteriors and the unique ability to add character without being too overwhelming visually speaking. 

Blue is especially perfect for coastal homes where bright hues may seem out of place, but muted blues can still bring life and vibrancy without clashing with nearby ocean views or sandy beaches nearby. 

Blues come in many different shades ranging from light sky blue all the way down to deep navy, depending on what type of atmosphere you want your house’s facade gives off.

Benefits of Different Colors

roof shingle colors determining benefits

Shingles for roofs are available in a range of hues, each with its own particular advantages. Darker colors absorb more heat from the sun, making them ideal for areas with colder climates. 

Darker hues of shingles can help maintain a toasty interior in chillier regions, potentially leading to decreased energy expenses during the colder season. Lighter-hued shingles reflect sunlight, helping to keep your home cooler in the summer months and reducing air conditioning costs.

Shingle color can also impact the overall curb appeal of your home’s exterior design. For example, lighter-colored shingles may be better suited for homes with traditional or classic architectural styles such as colonial or craftsman designs. Darker shades are often used to create a modern look that is popular among contemporary homes and urban dwellings alike.

When selecting the ideal hue for your roof, it is essential to consider how it will complement other components of your home’s exterior, such as siding, trim work, shutters, and windowsills. 

Additionally, you should factor in any existing landscaping features like trees or shrubs that may cast shadows over certain sections of the roof depending on their location relative to where the sun rises and sets with respect to your house’s orientation at different times throughout the day or year.

Choosing Roof Shingle Colors

roof shingle colors getting light or dark shingles

When deciding on a hue for your house, there are some points to take into account. 

The climate is an important factor when selecting a roof shingle color. Darker colors absorb more heat and can be beneficial in colder climates, while lighter colors reflect sunlight and can help keep homes cooler in warmer climates. 

Furthermore, the architectural design of your dwelling should be considered when selecting a roof shingle color. Conversely, if your abode boasts a classic design with white accents, black or dark gray roof shingles may appear incongruous and detract from its aesthetic appeal.

Finally, ensure that whatever roofing shingle color you choose complements the rest of your house’s exterior features, like siding and windows. This will ensure that everything looks cohesive together and create a unified look for your home.

When selecting a shingle color for your home, there is no single ideal hue; however, by considering factors such as roof slope and architecture, you can guarantee that the end result will be aesthetically pleasing. 


Selecting the optimal roof shingle colors for your abode is a consequential decision that can have an enduring influence on its all-embracing visual aspect and ambiance. With numerous potentials to pick from, it’s essential to research all elements before settling on the right shingle colors for your home. This decision can have an enduring effect on its overall appearance. 

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