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5 Popular Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors

February 15, 2023

Are you in the market for a new metal roof?

If so, finding the most popular colors for standing seam roofs is the first step.

Not only do you need to know how to prep your standing seam panels, but choosing the right colors and coating is essential to creating the roof color you are going for.

What Is Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

standing seam metal roof colors what is standing seam

Before choosing the best color for your roof, you need to know what this material is and why you should use it for your home. 

A standing seam metal roof uses fastener panels and an interlocking metal roof system that utilizes two vertical legs, raised seams, and a flat area connecting the legs. 

The pros of using metal are the extended lifespan of 30+ years, increased warranty, low-maintenance upkeep, and increased curb appeal to boost your home’s value. 

Plus, homeowners can choose different colors for their metal roofing! Homeowners can browse metal roofing colors to see which is perfect for their dream home.

Colors of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

There is a wide range of metal roofing color choices when it comes to finding an example that can work for the style and aesthetics of your house. 

White Metal Roofing

One of the most common colors for metal roofing is white. Not only is this a sleek and modern color that pairs well with white walls, a white balcony, and wooden exterior paneling, but the white metal roof can help lower your energy bills and increase your energy efficiency against high levels of heat. 

Those who have light-colored homes should consider using a white metal roof. You can completely change the style of your house with a bright white roof, helping increase the modern aesthetic by pairing well with white cladding, terra cotta design, steel, light gray walls, neutral panels, metallic siding, exposed brick, or a manicured front yard.

Many owners find that installing a white roof pairs well with earth tones, whether in their yard or external walls. White roofs can also pair well with vibrant colors in specific environments. 

Tropical locations tend to lend themselves to neighborhood trends with white roofs and white siding.

Bright Red 

standing seam metal roof colors finding red color

A second metal roof color is bright red. This standing seam roofing reflects the traditional styles found in Terra Cotta houses, Spanish-influenced homes, and colonial red houses. You often see these types of homes in the midwestern, southern, and western coasts of the United States.

You can install a red terra cotta roof on a ranch house, mission home, or modern countryside house. Using this specific color will help your house stand out compared to standard colors. 

Plus, it doesn’t really matter what type of architectural style of home you have to incorporate the red roof. 

Of course, there are more choices regarding the right color for your roof. You can choose a bright red, or you can go for duller shades. Bright colonial red pairs well with gray and aluminum materials, whereas pale colors pair well with dark walls.

Using color charts can help homeowners choose the perfect shade of red that works with their house design, such as steel or Sheffield metals.

Bright Green

Although this is a more uncommon color than red or white, bright green metal roofing is still an excellent choice for those who have wooden or cabin-style homes.

Green metal roofs work well with white cladding, log cabins, and sierra tan mountain homes to increase curb appeal and make your house stand out among the rest. The green standing seam metal roofs can also work well with the nature-oriented vibe of the home, especially for mountain homes or log cabins set in specific environments. 

Green is a cool metal roofing color that works well with light gray walls, aluminum, metallic shades, and Spanish tile.

Neutral Metal Roof

standing seam metal roof colors steel grey

For homeowners who want a common metal standing seam roof color that won’t make your house “pop!” against the rest in your neighborhood, a neutral metal roof color is one of the more subtle paint finishes.

Neutral is a versatile color choice that can work with various architectural styles and wall colors, such as exterior stone, metallic sheets, steel, gray walls, or dark pastels. 

Lastly, any neutral color can pair well with different color options and paint systems. This standing seam metal roofing can reflect the sun’s heat and rays for added energy efficiency, making it one of the most desirable color options for standing seam roofing.

Copper and Bronze 

Although copper roofing is one of the most expensive colors, its longevity, weather resistance, and added aesthetics makes it one of the most desirable options for a metal roofing project.

When you first install a new copper standing seam metal roof to your house, the result is a bright and shiny product. After a time, the luster will fade, and you will end up with a sleek and subtle green color. Consider using metal color chips and a roof visualizer to see how the copper will fade.

If you are looking for a similar roofing color without spending a small fortune, consider choosing bronze standing seam metal roofing material instead of copper. Bronze metal roofing can keep its color, remains durable over time, and is less expensive than copper materials. 

How to Paint a Standing Seam Metal Roof

standing seam metal roof colors painting rooftop

For homeowners who want to paint their standing seam metal roof on their own, there are specific steps and tips to keep in mind when choosing metal roofing colors.

Check Your Roof Warranty

The first thing to do before selecting your metal roof colors is to check your materials’ warranty. If you have a warranty on the panels and paint the standing seam roof, it can nullify the warranty of the new roof. 

Clean Your Roof

The second step of painting your standing seam metal roof is to prepare the material for painting. You need to power wash the roof with 2,500+ pounds of pressure to remove the excess debris, dirt, fallen tree branches, outdoor items, mildew, and mold that can grow on your roof. 

Choose Your Paint

The third step of painting your roof is to choose the specific type of paint that you want to use for your house. Most homeowners decide between acrylic paint or oil-based paint. Use color charts to make sure the color (ex: colonial red, gray, dark, etc.) can adhere to the metal roofing.

If you are not highly confident with your painting skills on metal roofing, you can also use an airless paint can to speed up the painting process and ensure an even coat of coloring. The time difference between hand painting and using airless paint is well worth the investment.

Prime the Surface

Prime the surface of your metal roof so the paint sticks to the material. It doesn’t matter what type of paint you choose for this process — you must select the right toner to prevent the paint from cracking and rust from coming through the material.


After you have completed painting your standing seam metal roof, the job is not entirely done! You, or a professional, will have to perform routine maintenance and upkeep on your roof to ensure your roof remains durable, protective, and stable over time. The best materials to use for general cleaning are soft brushes and a pressure washer.

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